Doctor Lillith's Big Penis Humiliation

2020-05-22Sai Jaiden LillithHumiliation, Medical, Role Play2020
  • 8:10 minutes
  • FullHD

**CW: Body Shaming, Big Penis Humiliation**

You've come in for your sexual health check up, and proudly whip out your cock.

Unfortunately the horrifying sight of your ridiculously proportioned member is enough to set the good Doctor on a long, humiliating discourse about how disgustingly mishapen it is, and how agonisingly painful and unlikely it would be for anyone to enjoy or survive penetrative sex from you. Sit yourself down and accept their judgement.

*The views expressed in this video are for erotic purposes only and do not represent the views held by Myself on the human body


Starring Sai Jaiden Lillith

Produced by Sai Jaiden Lillith


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