The Carny - Transformations Vol 3 - Genderfuck (JOI for Vagina Owners)

  • 17:49 minutes
  • FullHD

*Vagina oriented JOI… OR IS IT???*

The show goes on, little Fledgling… and what could We possibly have in store for you next?

You've been a footstool, a doll…. Well, now it's time to explore further… deeper…

Let go of everything you thought you remembered... there was a time when you had a cock, and a masculine chest, but somehow, magically you have been transformed... hands running over skin suddenly smooth, soft mounds of flesh grown on your chest, nipples enlarged and oh so sensitive to touch... your cock turned inside out, shaft now a sheath, the head of your cock shrunk and set above those lips that used to be the skin on your balls, everything so much more sensitive, so alive... nerves alight with new sensations...

Listen to My voice, and marvel at these beautiful new sensations, these parts made completely anew, utterly novel and captivating.

And oh yes, you will cum with your new body, cum long and hard like it's the first time you've ever had an orgasm...

Will you ever want to go back to what you were before?


Perhaps not...


Starring Sai Jaiden Lillith

Produced by Sai Jaiden Lillith


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