The Summoning: Demon Seed - w/Eve X

2020-10-27Eve X and Sai Jaiden LillithBDSM, Fucking, Sensual2020
  • 43:52 minutes
  • FullHD

There's a storm brewing...

Eve prepares a summoning, a calling to the spirit world to send her a lover from the world of dreams, one who can trace the lines of electricity under her skin, and fill the unquenchable needs that drive her.

Lillith answers her call, taking shape across the void and into her circle of summoning... but all of Eve's protections are sundered and broken through by the wildness of Lillith's own hunger. Licking and caressing Eve's naked form, Lillith binds her with her own light and devours her cunt, drawing out more and more orgasmic energy from Eve.

Eve realises that she must fight darkness with darkness, and under the veil of her shadow spells takes Lillith's cock into her mouth, using her dark powers to bind the demon to her with her wicked lips and tongue. Lillith is driven into wild abandon and they slide their cock deeply into Eve's cunt to consumate their union... As Eve is driven further and further into the throes of ecstacy, she tempts the demon to shoot their seed into her waiting void... But Lillith is far from done and after cumming once, throws Eve into position after position to consume her utterly.

Eve however, is stronger than the demon suspects and turns the tables, straddling Lillith and reclaimning her power as she slides her talisman into Lillith's mouth, seducing the seducer. She rides Lillith in Goddess pose, till finally Lillith grabs her tight and fucks her from below until they reach an earth shaking screaming orgasm together, slamming demon seed deep into Eve's womb.

Entangled and spent, with Eve dripping demon seed out of her cunt and playing with Lillith's cum as the summoning comes to a close... but will Lillith want to leave the circle?


Starring Eve X & Sai Jaiden Lillith

Produced by Sai Jaiden Lillith

Original Music by Sai Jaiden Lillith / ZCluster |


The Summoning: Blind Devotions

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