Welcome to my den of iniquity... 

Living a life dedicated to exploring eroticism, sex, kink and BDSM. 

*All of my porn has been created with extensive negotiations and boundary setting to ensure that all parties are having a comfortable, consensual time.*


My name is Sai Jaiden Lillith, I thank you for joining Me in My kinky carnal explorations!

I have a love of the transgressive, the taboo, the edges - just as much as I love sensuality, gentleness and silliness.

The juxtapositions between the explicit and implicit. Between the divine and the profane. The potential for connectiveness that pervades all of these shades of experience, from the most hardcore CNC taboo scenes to esoteric explorations to the most sensual moments.

Some of the themes I explore may make you uncomfortable. Some of them may not be your kinks. Please do feel free to ask me any questions, or to reach out if you have concerns. I am always open to a respectful discussion and education. 


Some of the Themes / Scenarios I explore:

BDSM / Kink / Fetish
BDSM Instruction (non-educational)
Consensual Non Consent
Degradation / Humiliation
Domestic Discipline
Foot / Boot / Leg Fetish

Hilarity / Humour
Impact Play / Corporal Punishment
JOI / JOI for women and/or vagina owners / Non gendered JOI's
Medical Fetish
Outdoor Sex / Ecosex
Pet Play
Regression / ABDL / Age play
Role play incl. Teacher/Student, Boss/Employee, Religious themes / Vampire
Sex Magic
Shibari / Bondage
Supernatural / Possession



The depths of our desires have always fascinated me; I'm drawn to explore the shadows, to see what lies in the dark. I'm drawn to the white lights of orgasmic experience, of the sun on skin, of the dirt under our feet.  I'm drawn to the peak experiences that we can find in exploring our eroticism, wherever that may lead. I'm drawn to the unknown, to try a new thing five or six times before I decide it's not for me. I'm a hungry hedonist and I want it all.
~ Within an ethical and consensual framework ~
I believe that many of us have fantasies and desires that can only be enacted ethically and safely within a negotiated, consensual container. 
I believe that channeling those desires within a safe, consensual and ethical container is a perfectly healthy choice. 
I beliveve that as consensual adults we are allowed to revel in whatever desires beckon us, as long as we harm none.
I believe that a repressive, puritanical framework is far more harmful to us than doing to hard work to reconcile our natures and desires. When we try to deny our natures, when we try to deny the existence of our deepest desires within us, that is when we begin to enact it in unintentionally toxic ways in our every day lives.
Sometimes a kink / fetish has something to do with reprocessing traumatic events in our lives, and that is totally ok too. 
Any attempt to impose artificial restrictions or overtly moral jugdement on what we find erotic does a disservice to the immense complexity of the human psyche and sexuality.
Whether it's in face to face sessions, or enjoying erotic content, as long as we can understand the important distinctions between fantasy and reality, as well as navigating the complex waters of consent and ethical play then do what thou wilt.
That's not to say that all of my content is dark, edgy and challenging - it's not! Many of my clips are filled with laughter, ridiculous scenarios and (I think) hilarious dialogue. There is a perception that kink and BDSM is only serious, dark and depraved - and it doesn't have to be. Within a lot of kink there is an innocence and a seeking out of the simplicity and safety of play - like being young again and doing the stupid shit that we used to do in the playgrounds to each other, hitting each other, being mean, giggling and laughing, tying each other to trees and playing make believe. Sometimes even recoding those moments of play and safety that we never had when we were growing up!
I believe that as adults we have the same capacity and indeed NEED for play, and one of those ways where we can explore that is in BDSM and kink.
I enjoy many flavours of eroticism, and just because something's hardcore doesn't mean it can't be authentically connective. Just because I'm exploring dark spaces, doesn't mean it can't be done lovingly. The juxtapositions of apparent opposites reveals truths and possibilities we may not have considered before.
I've explored and confronted my own shame, hang ups and desires in my journeys in sex, porn and sessions - and every day and every experience is another opportunity for me to grow and become more authentically connected to my eroticism, to be more comfortable in my own skin, to find and experience wonderful new things!

And well, I love sex!

I love exploring new bodies, new minds and hearts. I love seeing what new spaces I can explore with cherished lovers. I love the intake of breath, the look in the eyes when desire and sensation floods and overwhelms us. I love the sounds, the smells, the way we look when we fuck and play. I love finding out new kinks, new sex acts, new scenarios, and giving them a red hot go!

I'm an artist at heart, and making porn has been a wonderful way to bring my love of creating art to meet my love of exploring eroticism. It's revived my love of composing music, and given me the skills to create my first video clip for my band ZCluster. I've learnt a LOT along the way, and I'm looking forward to where this journey is going to take us.

Of course, at the end of the day, we're here to watch porn because it arouses us, because we're seeking pleasures of the mind and body, and I hope that you enjoy My porn as much as I enjoyed making it!

Thank you for taking the time to attend my TED talk.

With Love, Sai Jaiden Lillith


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