One of my most requested clip themes is masturbation instructions or JOI's for women* / vagina owners; sometimes affectionately known as Jill Off Instructions (as opposed to Jerk Off Instructions). In my journeys through the world of porn it's one of those categories that seems to have been sorely neglected!
I tend to approach my JOI's from a BDSM Dominant and a role playing perspective; combined with my years of sexual experience in the bedroom, at work, in kink, tantra and with a variety of lovers who have craved and enjoyed many different types of touch.
I've created sensual experiences, degrading experiences, experiences for masochists, those who have had inappropriate employee / boss fantasies, and more! I've made many custom clips for people who have very specific desires, and even custom clips for couples to enjoy together! I've also created fantasy scenarios which aren't strictly JOI's, but are more POV (point of view) erotic experiences; examples like "called up in front of the biology class to be examined by everyone".
I've really enjoyed making these in a variety of roles, many of which have been fantasies which have been brought up by friends, lovers, clients and partners in the past.
We owe it to ourselves to recognise that the vast majority of our fantasies, though potentially problematic if executed in real life and without a diligent consent discussion, are perfectly valid and healthy to explore and enjoy in a consensually constructed erotic container.
There is no shame in your desire, if it harms none.
Below I've provided a link for your convenience to find ALL of my JOI's for vagina owners to ease your search for the perfect way to spend your erotic time with me. 
And if you have any delicious ideas that you'd like to explore in a custom clip, please do get in touch! For those who want to sign up for 6 months of my site membership I offer a FREE custom clip, up to 10 minutes long!
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